Friday, July 24, 2015

Friday, July 24

Well the main purpose of our time in Poland came to an end today.  We finished our camps today.  I think we can look back at our time over this week and feel a sense of pride and accomplishment.  We didn't really have any idea if the ideas we generated in the Youth Room were really going to work in Poland.  Surprisingly enough they did.  We had to tweek a couple things here and there but not to much.  I think that just proved to me that God's hand was on the whole process and we were simply blessed by His guidance.

If you are a parent of a youth on this trip, you can feel a sense of pride in what your child did over this last week.  I know that I do as their DCE.  They stepped into some very unfamiliar territory and did an amazing job.  They cared for kids and told them about Jesus.  I don't think it could get any better.

If you are a member of Community Lutheran Church, just know that these kids did you proud.  They have been amazing ambassadors of your congregation and the state of California.  They reached out with the arms that makes Community Lutheran Church so special and did it simply out of their love for Jesus and their desire to care for the children of Poland.

A little recap of the day.  Both teams focused on the theme of Superheros and how Jesus is our REAL superhero and completed the camps in the middle of the afternoon.  Team Jim was in Golesaw and the day was highlighted with a water balloon fight with some 240 water balloons.  They then met up with Team Jenna in Cieszyn for a little shopping, dinner and dessert.  If you haven't picked up that dessert time is very important to this group then let me reassure you that ice cream is one of the most important foods we have consumed.  It started raining while eating our dessert so it was since to walk a little in the rain back to where our bus driver met us.  It has been a pretty warm week here in Poland and the Poland people are really looking for some rain.  (Not as bad as we are but still lacking what they are used to.)  We then got back to our "home" did devotions and are know just wrapping up a couple things before bed.

Tomorrow Team Jenna will be doing a short program for their parents in Cieszyn and then we all are going to do some hiking and shopping and maybe go bowling.  Thanks for all your continued support.  We look forward to completing our time in Poland and flying home on July 28.


Jim Meyer

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