Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Tuesday, July 21

Day two of English camp is done! All of today's lessons went very well, The stain glass window crafts turned out really good and we are really starting to get a hang of the lessons and have everything practically nailed down. For the bible lesson that I'm in charge of we played charades and taught them the story of creation. The songs we sang all went well and the kids loved all of them and were very enthusiastic about dancing and singing along with us. I felt that all the kids really started to open up today they were coming up to us and trying to talk to us. They came up to Jenni and I and just completely swarmed us and were teaching us how to say things like bike,car,backpack,and a lot of other words. I think they were more making fun of our bad Polish speaking and funny American accents. Then towards the end of English camp we were playing games outdoors we played capture the flag which the kids loved very much. Then we played Caterpillar race which the kids liked a lot, the other games we played were polish kickball which is just kick ball but with pretty much no rules and then we played some type of team keep away that the kids and us made up while Jim played a game called link tag with the kids that didn't want to play. After that the kids just started playing with each other and trying to teach us English. At the end of the day we sang some closing songs than went home ate dinner had devotions (with ice cream) and then got ready for bed. That was our day in a nutshell! Hope everything is going well in the states. Thank you for reading and good night!

                                                                                                            -Eli Euhus

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