Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Wednesday, July 22

Where to start.. this trip has been so amazing. I can not believe that we have been gone 9 days already, it feels like we just left. The time change has been a little difficult to get used too. Today was fun and eye opening for all of us. All the people here are so amazing and kind that it has shocked us all. Today I woke up at 7:15 am and got dressed and went down for breakfast. As soon as breakfast was over the Jenna team which includes me, Jenna, Ben, Dayton and Hunter left for our site. We arrived early like usual and started to set things up for the day. We all prayed together including the other volunteers who know very little English or no English at all. When we pray, we pray in English and the pastor's wife prays in Polish. The children here are so helpful and kind. They pick up their plates and pick ours up for us too. If we try and take our own plates, they get mad at us and yell at us in Polish, it is pretty funny.One of the little girls at the camp has made a huge impact on me already. Her name is Nadia, she reminds me of me when I was little. She is beyond talkative, she talks to me all the time really fast in Polish. Even though I do not understand what she is saying most of the time she is one of my favorite kids.She will randomly run up to me and hug me for 5 minutes straight.She is always smiling and having fun. I am going to miss her so much when I am back at home. As you have probably already heard from the others before me, we have a routine for our English class. The order is music, snack, 2 rotations which are either English which I run all by myself other than the interpreter, bible lesson by Dayton or crafts by Haley. Next we have lunch then some more music then our last rotation and have fun playing games outside. After games we have another snack break and then our closing for the day. Today during English camp we talked about food and Jesus feeding the 5,000. The kids are very good at speaking English when they do speak. They are way more comfortable with speaking to me than they were on Monday. They pick up things very quickly and are so eager to speak in English. English lessons went very well today. I am so proud of these kids for getting out of their comfort zones. After closing for the day, Jim's group came and joined us and we all went out together, we visited a different country, Czech Republic. Then we went to a different city in Poland and went shopping and got to know the other volunteers better. They are people that I would love to stay in contact with in the future after we get home. While we were shopping I bought this beautiful skirt that has a Polish pattern on it. I love it so much, I am so excited to wear it. We had burgers and fries when we were out! So many of us were thrilled to have food other than sausage! Then we came back to where we are staying and had devotion and now are getting ready for bed.  
By Kirsten Bigalk

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