Wednesday, July 15, 2015

We made it!!

It has been a long day and we are all pretty wiped out. We began our Tueaday with meeting at LAX by noon and get all checked in and through security which was a breeze. 11 hour flight to Frankfurt was uneventful other then we were kind of scattered throughout the plane. Be glad you were not sitting by Sara and Camryn who were close to a pooping and crying baby. 
Quick turn over in Frankfurt and then a short 90 minute flight to Katowice, Poland. Ben Helge who is the missionary in this part of the world met us as the airport along with another adult mission team who will be teaching and English camp as well. We drove about 30 min to a church that has apartments attached which is where we are staying for the first two nights. We will be doing some orientation the next two days and then moving out to our service locations.  
I forced the kids to stay awake through dinner before we could shut it down for the night hoping to get on Poland time as soon as possible. So it's almost 8 pm here in Poland and the team is getting all tucked in. Been a great day. All are healthy and just need a good night sleep. Peace to all and love from Poland. Kids will start writing tomorrow.  Jim Meyer 

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