Sunday, July 19, 2015

Sunday, July 19

This morning was our first experience in a Polish Lutheran church service. They had two baptisms at the church team Jenna went to and a blessing at team Jim's church. The church team Jenna attended was the biggest Lutheran Church in all of eastern Europe. We enjoyed some recognizable hymns and some unfamiliar Liturgy but overall the service was quite enjoyable. Today was the most divided the group has been the whole trip. We all split up into small groups of about 3 after the church service and went to spend the day with a polish family. The main objective was to learn the routines of a typical Sunday. I grouped up with Ben and Dayton. Soon after we arrived and sat in the patio we asked Victor, an 18 year old, about his normal day, he stated that he mostly reads or plays on the computer. They too are fans of taking it easy on a Sunday afternoon. Quickly we were served Gazpacho which was quite delicious and began to get to know the family. After breakfast we went on a little adventure, we weren't sure where at first but when we pulled up we knew it was a Polish Zoo. Deer were roaming around the grounds which made for some rather good GoPro footage and we made our way up to the bird show where Falcons, Hawks, and our very own Bald Eagle were zooming across the sky catching food in their talons after the keepers threw it into the air. We soon went back to the house and had a lunch consisting of Pork cutlets, potatoes, carrots, and a special mushroom sauce. Overall our time at Victor's house was a great experience and was quite fun to gain some insight into the lives of the typical Polish Family.
Hunter Johnson 

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