Saturday, July 18, 2015

Saturday, July 18

In the last four days Gods creation has shined through in the beautiful nature that is surrounding us, the friendliest  of the people and the church and around th community, and the amount of Christianity throughout the different villages. After a delicious breakfast we split off into groups team Jim and team Jenna. Being apart of team Jim we head to our church that we will be be starting vbs at on Monday we took a tour of the church. The church was built in 1877 and is three stories tall. They had a huge organ and Jake and I had the privilege of playing it. After we looked around the rest of the property we began to take a trip there satellite church's. They have a total 5 satellites and we visited 4 of them. Many of the church's were through the woods and a few were very close to the Czech Republic; we plan to cross the border to check that off on our list of countries we have visited. After we had a quick snack we headed to a mountain for a festival which included scythe race that was very intense. They measured the quality of the cut, the width, and the length. The news was there so there may be a video online if you would like to watch the race. Jim was also interview because they wanted to hear an Americans view of the races. There was also a 89 year old woman there who competed. Next we headed down the mountain and headed to another mountain. We had amazing pierogi's and then took a short hike to a forest church which was definitely my highlight of this trip so far.  It was used by Lutherans during the Counter Reformation. The view of the forest behind a wooden cross was beautiful along with a small creek running right next to it. It is used once a year by a church and it is a wonderful area that God created for people during the hard rules during there life. After a running race up the steep hill we headed back to our house and are now practicing vbs songs and beginning our nightly devotions. We miss you and cannot wait for more adventures that God has in store for us on this trip. 

Sara Tracy 

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