Thursday, July 16, 2015

Thursday July 16, 2015

Wow. That's the word that has been like repeating like a stuck record in my mind the course of this trip. Wow, in a tone of annoyance, when I awoke at 3 in the morning, completely restless with the Lords work waiting to be done. Wow, with appreciation, as we conversed with great company over a breakfast of bread, bread, and meat. Wow, in awe, as we sat humbly in the polish church, listening to Pastor Andrew speak of the history of the church and Polish Lutheranism in staggered English. Wow, in confusion and disappointment, as I, and many others, choked over insane polish words such as niebezpieczeĹ„stwo, or danger, and przepraszam, or I'm sorry/excuse me, which is completely not pronounced like it looks. Wow, with happiness, as we munched on lunch. Wow, with a students heart, as we learned knowledge of Poland and the polish people. Wow, with admiration, as I walked along beautiful old polish architecture while eating a 1$ gelato cone.  Wow, stuffed still from lunch, as I ate sandwiches for dinner. Wow, filled with the Lord's love and unwavering support, as we shared communion with our brothers and sisters. Wow. The word that keeps bouncing around my mind as I dream of the experiences to come, and the love and friendship to be shared in the minutes, hours, and days to come. -Jenni Richter

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